New Security Escalations Against MB Students
New Security Escalations Against MB Students
Friday, March 20,2009 21:16
By Basma Omar

Security forces have increased the violations against MB students, where arrest and security attacks became the norm in dealing with students, in addition to the dismissals and transfer to disciplinary councils.
Meanwhile, security forces have arrested 11 of MB students from Al-Azhar University, on charges of the establishment of a festival and a film presentation by MB students, in the university campus, as a part of the campaign “Lets’s Reconstruct Gaza”, which was launched by MB students in the beginning of this semester.
Witnesses have stressed that a force of security has raided the house of students, searched it, arrested students and confiscated some stuff from their houses.
A number of students from the appointed Student Union in Ain Shams University, in collaboration with members of university guards, have attacked a number of MB students in the Faculty of Commerce on Tuesday 17th March.
The incident started when one of the students was hanging a banner of the “Right” campaign launched by MB students, albeit the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce has also intervened and ordered the removal of the banners of MB students.
Mohammed Mekky (Spokesman of MB Students in Ain Shams University) has described the situation to Iknwanweb as a gross violation of students’ freedom within the university campus, adding “since Dr. Ahmad Zaki became in charge of the administration, the bullying policy became prevalent in dealing with students, although MB students have offered to work together with the students of the union for the best of the university but they, Students Union, refused and deliberately offended MB students.
Mekki has explained that although the campaign is aimed at straightening the social behaviour and has nothing to do with politics but it is still not allowed, emphasizing that such repressive practices against MB students will not turn them away from the path of reform.
As for Kafr El-Sheikh University, the university administration has expelled 9 MB students for a week and transferred other 20 to investigations on charges of organizing an exhibition called “Let’s Reconstruct Gaza” appurtenant to the campaign launched by MB students in the Egyptian universities in the beginning of this semester.
The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering prevented five of MB students from entering the university campus on grounds of being dismissed. The same thing happened with other four students from the Faculty of Agriculture who had a decision issued by the Dean to prevent them from entering the university. The Dean of the Faculty of Commerce has also transferred 20 students to investigations for the same charges.
Al-Fayoum University has also transferred 50 of MB male and female students to investigations on charges of solidarity with Gaza and the administrations of the faculties of Engineering, Science, Commerce and Art have charged students on organizing an exhibition and a festival on 11th of March in support of Gaza, which included reading Quran, holding posters condemning the Zionist aggression and praising the victory of the resistance.
In Damietta, the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce has withheld the results of the MB students without any reason, and as a result of the continual violations of the students’ rights, Mohammad Kasba (Member of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has strongly condemned the action of the Faculty of Commerce in Damietta of withholding the results of the first academic year of MB students, describing this decision as “non-constitutional”  as it violates the right to education without religious or class discrimination, which is guaranteed by the constitution to all Egyptians.
Kasba demanded calling to account those responsible for this anarchy in order to prevent its recurrence, stressing that such acts distort the image of Egyptian universities.