Sent To Prison Over Drugs, Released Deformed, Handicapped
Thursday, March 29,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
"They tortured me, deformed me, cut my fingers in Wadi Al-Natrun prison, I can not work and I need help from society."
With these words Mohamed Mabrouk Mohamed Eliwa, 32 years, started to narrate the tortures he faced inside Wadi Al-Natrun prison where he was serving 6 years sentence on drugs case.
When I was in prison in August 2005" said Mohamed, " Sami Shehata, Wadi Al-Natrun police chief summoned me and asked:" Do you have any drugs?" I said to him" No, I don’t’ have any drugs, I swear by Allah the Great".
 I demanded the officer to hold a medical check on my body to be sure that my body doesn’t contain any drugs; but he refused and ordered detectives, Hendawi and Ramadan to hang me and they hanged me on sheet metal door in section 3 for two hours till I lost my conscious; then they allowed the doctor of Wadi Al-Natrun prison to examine and he demanded sending me to Wadi Al-Natrun hospital for 15 days .
The hospital manager refused to hold the responsibility of my torture and transferred me to Tura prison hospital; I received 7 blood bags; then they sent me to Abu Zabal hospital, and from it to Kasr Alainy hospital that denied me treatment and sent me back to the prison hospital .
 Mohamed Mabrouk adds that he remained in the prison hospital without even the minimum required medical care till some of the fingers of his hands were cut and he lost the sense of touching in the other fingers; I he completed his prison sentence last Jan. 6, 2007, he was released while he was deformed and handicapped.
 Mabrouk Eliwa, Mohamed’s father, says that he was visiting his son in the prison from time to time, but the prison administration has prevented him from seeing his son since August 2005 under the pretext that he is disciplined; he was released, he was surprised to see him deformied and handicapped; " I don’t have any money to treat my son. The government punished him and jailed him for drug trafficking, there is no law on earth that authorizes cut prisoners fingers" said the father.
The father added:" Unfortunately I do not have enough money to treat him; therefore, I demand officials to rescue my son and help him complete his treatment, and give him a kiosk from which he can afford his living because he can’t work although he is still in the prime of his life.
The father points out that his second son, Fathi, was jailed with Mohamed in Wadi Al-Natrun prison; when the prison administration knew that they lodged a complaint to the Human Rights Society for helping prisoners of torture to help Mohamed in his torture case, it started to torture Fathi to force his family into dropping the complaint and not to file a lawsuit.
Lawyer Adel Makki said that Al-Ma’adi prosecution investigated into the incident following an order from Al Sadat prosecution in Monofiya; when the investigations were wrapped up, the case was sent to Al Sadat representation because it is the competent prosecution; it summoned the victim to complete the investigations.
Makki pointed out that he heard that the military prosecution investigated with Ramadan, one of the two detectives who tortured Mohamed, and he was jailed for four days; Makki said also that Major General Omar Al Faramawi ordered, during its visit to Wadi Al-Natrun prison, sending Fathi, Mohamed’s brother, to another prison.