State Security Kidnaps 3 MB After Their Release
State Security Kidnaps 3 MB After Their Release
Tuesday, March 24,2009 12:25
By Mostafa Radwan

The State Security apparatus kidnapped three MB Activists and transferred them to Wadi El-Natron prison despite their release after a three-day detention in the Tanta State Security headquarters.  The kidnapped are:  Ahmed Abbas and Hasan El-Mansoury from Cairo, and Abdul-Aziz El-Naggar from Gharbiyyah.
This incident is a chain in the series of disrespect for the decisions issued by the Egyptian judicature on the part of the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.
Noteworthy is the decision issued by the Supreme State Security prosecution in Cairo ordering the release of the three kidnapped following their case appeal, and their actual release weeks after their arrest on March 3.