14 MB Leaders, Members Arrested In Sharqiyya, Menoufiyya
14 MB Leaders, Members Arrested In Sharqiyya, Menoufiyya
Wednesday, March 25,2009 03:12
By Mostafa Radwan

In a continuance of the security campaign launched against the MB this month, security forces arrested 14 MB leaders and members early Wednesday morning, March 25.
From Barakat El-Sab’, Menoufiyya five were arrested after barbarously raiding and searching their houses.  They are: Othman El-Sharqawy, Mohamed El-Mahdy, Khaled El-Sawy, Tarek Mohamed, and Dr. Ahmed Shahin.
The remaining nine are from Sharqiyyah, eight of them from Dirb Nagm and another from Zaqazeeq. They are:  Dr. Nagy Saqr (a surgeon and MB candidate in the 2007 Shura elections) who was absent at the time of the raid and his older brother, ‘Alaa Saqr (Chemistry Teacher and a Sharqiyya MB leader), Mohammed AbdulWahab (Researcher), Dr. Abdul-Hamid Kamel (PhD in Agricultural Sciences, 1995), Mahmud El-Wahid (MB candidate in 2005 Parliament elections), Mohamed Salem (Math Instructor), Fawzy Abdul-Hamid Mahrat (a school manager), Hilal Abdul-Hady (a teacher), and Mahmud Seif (Follow-up manager at the Dirb Nagm water station).