Ikhwanweb’s News Digest 26-03-09
Ikhwanweb’s News Digest 26-03-09
Friday, March 27,2009 05:40
By Jenin Muhammad*

Twisted Truths

Gershon Baskin wrote an article in Jerusalem Post , called ‘Encountering peace: Olmert"s scorecard - failure!’ about the peace process and all the difficulty it encounters because of the rise of the far rightists in Israel but he is still spreading the same old pack of lies when he described the Arab dictatorship regime saying it is the moderate one and that Muslim Brotherhood are the extremist camp. Baskin describes a regime that violates all human rights, suppress all acts of opposition, puts bloggers, journalists and activists in jail and lock the siege on Gaza to a point of explosion, does this regime in any way deserve to me described as moderate and does the MB that also take the legal non-violent roots, that was elected by the people and that suffered a lot of injustice for the past 60 years deserves to be described as extremist. I will leave the answer to our respected readers.

Thank You...But No Thank You

Bary Robin wrote in Jerusalem post praising ikhwanweb, Muslim Brotherhood’s English language website, saying,

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has created a very nicely done English-language Web site that would make it seem the organization is something between the Democratic Party and the March of Dimes.

Of course the reason behind this praise is a twisted move to make the Muslim Brotherhood seem hypocritical in the eyes of our audience as if Muslim Brotherhood tries to please anyone. But we, in Ikhwanweb, are used to the stereotypical claims from rightist writers that have Zionistic tendencies like Mr Robin. And hereby Ikhwanweb is publishing his article to promote freedom of expression which we find that Jerusalem post is lacking.

America’s Racism Towards Islamic Intellectual

For the second time Dr. Tariq Ramadan is denied the right to enter the U.S. A Swiss citizen of Egyptian origin, Ramadan is one of Europe"s leading Muslim thinkers and has often condemned terrorism and extremism.

This incident brings to mind many questions, isn"t America the country of freedom? Does denying Ramadan’s the visa is a symbol of racism and discrimination? What threat can be caused by a moderate intellectual like Ramadan? These questions will stay unanswered.

Muslim Brotherhood differs in many aspects in regards to ijtihad (recourse to intellect in interpreting the sacred text) but we refuse the theocratic governments practices’ all over the world and we refuse racial, religious or political discrimination practiced by the U.S  administration.

* Ikhwanweb Editorial Desk