MB Bloc Spokesperson: Consecutive Blazes Prove Poor Government Performance
MB Bloc Spokesperson: Consecutive Blazes Prove Poor Government Performance
Tuesday, March 31,2009 22:33
By Mostafa Radwan

In his statement to Ikhwanweb, MB Bloc Media Spokesperson Dr. Hamdy Hasan affirmed that the reason behind the recurrent blazes in Egypt was the general collapsing state of governmental performance at the political, economic, and security levels. Hasan added that the government’s failure to control the consecutive blazes and inability to prevent them in the first place have doubled material losses.
“Government apparatuses have become incapable leaving no choice for MB MPs but to seek all parliamentarian means in order to hold the government accountable for its negligence,” Heshmat added referring to the NDP MPs’ abortion of all real attempts to hold the government accountable.
Five blazes had broken out in Cairo and Helwan Monday night, March 30.  One of them had broken out in Al-Tawheed Wal-Nur Commercial Center in Helwan destroying five floors and causing material losses worth 15 million LE.  The fire was put out after two hours.
Another fire broke out in the Gom’a Market in Sayyida ‘Ayesha burning 35 kiosks that sold wood.  As the firefighters were still putting out this fire, they received a report of another fire in ‘Arabat Bilal in Shurabiyya which lasted around 8 hours as well as two other reports of two limited fires on the streets of Cairo.