MB MP: Nazif’s Statement To Parliament For Media Consumption
MB MP: Nazif’s Statement To Parliament For Media Consumption
Wednesday, April 8,2009 03:32

MB Parliamentary Bloc Geographical Sectors Secretary MP Sobhy Saleh rejected PM Ahmed Nazif’s statement in front of the Parliament Monday despite the MB Bloc’s and some independents’ withdrawal.


Saleh affirmed in a statement to Ikhwanweb that Nazif was repeating his same general statements that would do nothing to rescue the Egyptian people from their ongoing suffering with unemployment, spinsterhood, torture, and poverty.


Saleh further pointed out that the government’s opinions on the global financial crisis were contradictory and only for media consumption emphasizing that people aren’t in need of repetitive talk from the government as much as they are in need of services and an end to their daily suffering.


In his statement, Nazif affirmed that the global financial crisis would not cause recession to hit the Egyptian national economy stressing that education and health were at the top of the government’s priorities.  Nazif further clarified that the crisis only affected the rate of economic development bringing it down from 7% to 4.5% over the past three years expecting it to exceed 4% by the end of this year.


“President Mubarak affirmed the necessity of social allowances this year, and the Parliament will discuss its size and the means for providing it and the usual wage increases will continue,” Nazif said affirming, “We will not come near people’s bread or decrease the value of subsidies, determined in the budget, to energy and petroleum products.”