Briefing Request on Arrests and Assaults of the Day of Rage
Briefing Request on Arrests and Assaults of the Day of Rage
Sunday, April 12,2009 10:11
By Mostafa Radwan

MP Hamdi Hassan (Media Spokesman of MB Parliamentary Bloc) has requested a briefing from the Prime Minister Dr. Ahmad Nazif and Ministers of Interior, Justice and Higher Education on the arrests and assaults of the Day of Rage, April 6th.


He explained that during the time in which the PM was giving his speech at the Parliament, claiming his and the government"s care about human development and stressing on its importance to Egypt, the Egyptian government was arresting a number of Egypt"s youth on charges of their "willingness" to express their opinions legally and constitutionally, which would falsify the caring claims of giving attention to the human development, education and health.


Hassan added "during the time in which the government stressed its attention to women to the extent of allocating them seats in the Parliament, two girls were being detained on different charges among it distributing leaflets and trying to overthrow the regime…etc. as he criticized the non intervention of the National Council for Women for the arrest of two girls due to their political activity, while it spends so much on increasing the political awareness of women as well as issuing electoral cards for  them throughout Egypt".


He also pointed out to the exposure of student to physical and psychological torture simply for being interested in national affairs and their peaceful rejection to the policies of the government.


Among those students is Ahmed Abdel Monem Abul Fotouh, who was being tortured  in the guards room in his university until he fainted, then they carried on torturing him in the police station in Nasr City, by the state security officer, Hesham Zen and Tarek Galal under the supervision of the police commissioner, brigadier general Ali El-Demerdash.


The MP added, 30 years ago Abdel Monem Abul Fotouh when he was a student in his son"s age stood before the Sadat telling him bravely "those around you are hypocrites" which made the President Sadat get angry and say "stop where you are" in a well-known incident and no one harmed him, now his son is being insulted and tortured in the time of President Mubarak simply for participating in a peaceful protest!


Hassan wondered; who would protect our young people and who would protect our girls if they opposed the government"s policy? Should the President intervene to protect the history he is writing now?!