SHRC: Urgent Call to Release the youth Mohammed Yaser Aswad
SHRC: Urgent Call to Release the youth Mohammed Yaser Aswad
Thursday, April 23,2009 06:20


The Syrian Human Rights Committee (SHRC) has learnt from a friend of the youth Mohammed Yaser Aswad, who lives in Jordan, that he suddenly disappeared from his place of work under vague circumstances on 28th March 2009. Two days following his appearance, 30th March 2009, it was known that he was in the city of Aleppo (north Syria).


During his stay in Aleppo he was summoned by the military intelligence several times, until on 9 April he was called and did not return. Since then his news has been completely cut off and nobody knows of the place in which he is being detained.


Mohammed Yaser Aswad (26 years), a Syrian, was born and has always lived outside of Syria. He completed his studies in Computer Science and works in Amman where his family lives. His father, Mohammed Aswad, who left Syria in the 1980s passed away last year. Mohammed Yasir has not visited Syria previously and has neither taken part in any activities nor is he part of the opposition, except that he is the son of his deceased father.


SHRC calls upon the Syrian Authorities to reveal the fate of the youth Mohammed Yaser Aswad, and to release him immediately, and to stop chasing the sons and families of those who are in forced exile, as well as to terminate all arbitrary and repressive measures against Syrian citizens.