Cairo Conference Against Imperialism and Zionism On May 14th
Cairo Conference Against Imperialism and Zionism On May 14th
Thursday, April 30,2009 22:19

After postponement and threat of cancellation, the International Campaign Against Universal Imperialism and Zionism has decided to hold its seventh conference at the headquarter of Medical Professions Association in Azbakeya from 14-17 May.


The seventh Cairo Conference, which will be convened under the slogan "Pro-Resistance and Anti-Occupation with its crimes", will be discussing a number of issues such as supporting the resistance, developing the struggle against the occupation of Iraq, confronting the racist policies of imperialist governments and issues against dictatorship and globalization in Egypt and the Arab world.


The organizing committee has invited all political forces, movements, political and public activities, individuals and independent personalities from Egypt, the Arab world and from all parts of the world who are against imperialism, Zionism and globalization as well as defenders of freedom, democracy and social justice, to participate in the work of the forum and the conference.


It was scheduled for the conference to be convened in Journalists Syndicate during the last week of March 2009, however the intransigence of Makram Mohamed Ahmed (Head of the Journalists Syndicate) prevented it. It also made MB students miss the opportunity to participate in the activities of the conference as they were working hard on organizing it during the past years.