Shura Council Calls On Emergency Government For Confronting Crises
Shura Council Calls On Emergency Government For Confronting Crises
Tuesday, May 5,2009 08:34

In a heated meeting in front of the Health Committee led by Dr. Saleh El-Shimy, Shura Council members called on President Mubarak to form an emergency government responsible for confronting the catastrophes and crises facing the Egyptian people.  Shura members further requested the resignation of the Finance Minister and launched a scathing attack on Dr. Ahmed Nazif’s government when the garbage and pig flu issues were raised describing it as the “government of only the rich.”


Shura Member Dr. Nabila El-Khodary had filed a request, along with 20 other members, for discussing the issue of industries behind the spread of dangerous and infectious diseases such as kidney failure and hepatitis among Egyptians.


Members further refused the stance of the Ministers of Environment and Local Development and said that their absence, despite their receipt of an invitation, is an insult to them and shows lack of respect for the Shura Council.


This was at the time when Dr. Tal’at El-Deeb requested the cancellation of the Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Agency for its failure to solve the problems facing society which has become surrounded by garbage hills commenting, “Unfortunately, we are living in the middle of garbage, and no one is doing anything about it.”