European campaign: The "Hope" convoy led by senator Rossi is to arrive soon
European campaign: The
Sunday, May 10,2009 00:53
The European campaign to end the siege said that the "Hope" convoy, which left the Italian port of Genoa for the besieged Gaza Strip last Sunday, is led by Fernando Rossi, a member of the Italian senate, and is expected to arrive during the next few days.

In a statement received by the PIC on Saturday, Dr. Arafat Abu Madi, the head of the European campaign, stated that senator Rossi, who already visited Gaza and sensed closely the suffering of its people, is accompanied by 11 other European lawmakers in addition to politicians and volunteers.

Dr. Abu Madi underlined that the entire international community must pay attention to the seriousness of the humanitarian situation in the impoverished Gaza especially after the last Israeli war.

"Hope" convoy coordinator Rami Abdo said that the convoy is composed of a dozen of fully-equipped ambulances and about 30 trucks laden with medical equipment and aids for special needs. 
For his part, senator Rossi appealed to the European parliament to actively and urgently intervene to end the siege on Gaza, noting that the policy of blockade is a horrendous mass punishment and against basic human rights obligations.

He also warned that the Israeli blockade causes the slow death of many patients and tightens the screws on the overstretched remaining sources that the Gazans live on.