WHO demands Israel to immediately lift its blockade on Gaza
WHO demands Israel to immediately lift its blockade on Gaza
Saturday, May 23,2009 06:32
The world health organization (WHO) demanded, in a resolution approved by its general assembly on Friday, Israel to immediately lift its siege on the Gaza Strip, calling for securing safe passage for Palestinian ambulances, respecting and protecting medical teams.

The resolution which was issued by the organization at a meeting of the 193 member states held last week in Geneva stressed that the Israeli closure of Gaza crossing was the reason for the serious shortage of medicines and medical supplies inside the Strip.

The WHO demanded Israel to comply with the decision issued by the international court of justice regarding the removal of the apartheid wall which has grave implications on the accessibility and quality of medical services received by the Palestinian citizens in the occupied Palestinian lands including east Jerusalem.

According to the resolution, Israel is also demanded to improve the living and medical conditions of Palestinian prisoners in its jails especially children, women and patients.