State Prosecutor Detains 19 MBs, Releases 12 Others
State Prosecutor Detains 19 MBs, Releases 12 Others
Wednesday, May 27,2009 09:31

Cairo State Supreme Security Prosecutor extended yesterday detention of18 MB members from Fayoum for 15 more days on charges of affiliation to a band group [MB] and possession of publications promoting the group’s activities, while deciding the release of Sayyed Zaki, member of the group.
Detainees are:

Dr. Mohamed Mekawi (Doctor),
Shaban Ewes (head of Farouq Private Schools),
Dr. Mohamed Fathy (Pharmacist),
Mohamed Sayed Abdel Rahim (Emplyoee),
Mohamed Ali Ismail (Arabic Teacher),
Rabea Samir (Teacher),
Mohamed Ibrahim (Teacher),
Atef Geryani
Dr. Ahmed Mohsen,
Omar Yousef (Managing Director of Fayoum Medical Syndicate),
Anwar Shaban 
Osama Saleh (Student),
Ali Sayed Omran,
Taha Taha,
Ahmed Ibrahim Bayoumi (Accountant),
Hanafy Mahmud (Teacher),
Ahmed El-Sayed Shahat (Teacher) and
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Badr (Veterinarian),
The Prosecution also decided to keep in custody Eng. El-Sayed Hazeen, one of MB leaders in Sharqueya governorate for 15 days after being arrested during the solidarity with Gaza events last February.
Meanwhile, prosecutor also decided to release of 11of Monoufeya MBs from Zowir village of Shebin El-Kom centre.
Those released are:

Fathy Zaki El-Sarawy,
Tarek Ali Younes,
Mohamed Soliman,
Aadel Sherif,
Hamada Issa,
Sayed Eeta,
Mohamed Saleh Hegab,
El-Sayed El-Mashayekh,
Mohamed Agrema,
Wahid Abdl Qader and
Ashraf El-Bagouri