Cairo prepares for King Tut Obama
Cairo prepares for King Tut Obama
Thursday, June 4,2009 06:12

A souvenir shop-owner displays a recently-made metal plaque for sale to tourists reading "Obama, New Tutankhamun of the World", in Cairo"s main tourist market ahead of President Barack Obama"s planned June 4 speech in Cairo. Hieroglyphics at base of plaque were claimed by the vendor to spell the name "Obama". (AP photo/Ben Curtis)

Is Barack Obama the new King Tut?

At least one shop owner in Cairo"s main tourist market says yes.

Cairo is preparing for Obama"s arrival this Thursday when the US president will deliver his highly anticipated speech at Cairo University to the Arab and Muslim world.

What should Obama say?

Everyone has advice:

Some say: Get tough on Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is touting Top Ten Tips for Obama, including: "Propaganda speeches, which stall all progress, are the surest way to leading the region into a political abyss."

Egyptian proponents of democratic reforms, like former presidential candidate Ayman Nour, say Obama should challenge Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak head-on about democracy and human rights.

And one Web site offers this Top Ten for Cairo residents who will by trying to get around town on Thursday when Obama is in town. 

10 pieces of advice on the day of Obama"s speech:

1. If you are a Cairo university student, be happy because it will be a day off.

2. If you are one of the students known to make trouble and active politically or religiously inside the university, be aware that state security will "host" you until the end of Obama"s visit "from a trusted source."

3. If you work near the university, it"s best to leave home after dawn prayer in order to reach work on time.

4. Carry your identity papers.

5. Go underground (metro) if you are headed near the university.

6. If Obama takes the metro then your chances of arriving in Giza are very slim, almost impossible, so take precautions and try to cancel you work appointments in Giza or Dokki. Those who live in these areas can take ferries and boats.

7. Don"t wear black, because it can be construed as a sign of objection which may be the fastest way to detention, the only place you can reach fast during the visit.

8. If you wanna follow Obama"s speech, don"t think of going to Cairo University, be peaceful and don"t put yourself in danger, watch it on TV.

9. Pregnant women due on June 4th who live in Dokki or near Cairo University should think 1,000 times before deciding to go to Galaa hospital otherwise they risk giving birth in a traffic light.

10. Those who like to go fishing on the Kasr el Nil and University bridges should refrain from doing that if they don"t wanna be "fished" by security personnel.


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Transcript: Obama"s speech in Cairo (PDF)