MB Chairman Will Respond to Obama’s Speech on Saturday
MB Chairman Will Respond to Obama’s Speech on Saturday
Thursday, June 4,2009 19:51

 Mr. Mohammed Mahdy Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood group has stressed that he will respond to the US President Barak Obama’s speech today in Cairo University.
In his remarks to journalists and the media Akef stated that Obama’s speech included many general principles agreed upon by everyone, however each of the cases Obama highlighted needs to be studied and researched and he will be commenting on all these issues adequately on Saturday.
The Chairman has stressed earlier to the “the Voice of America” radio that he welcomes Obama and everyone coming to Egypt, but Obama has inherited a great responsibility after his predecessors, therefore we are awaiting his stance from two cases in particular.
The first is that his predecessors have deeply harmed Arabs and Muslims as they killed thousands and displaced millions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan and most recently Pakistan as well as our great case of Palestine and the strong bias of the US to the Zionists and he wondered; what would Obama say about this bequest?
And the other case is the case of dictatorship in the Arab and Islamic nation which is supported by the US administration.
Therefore we are waiting to know his stance and whether he is ready to change this? This is what we need to know.
“from here I am telling Obama that the Arab and Islamic world are expecting one thing from him, that is for his concepts to conform with the high and general principles, and that under any conditions we do not accept any despotism, prejudice or dictatorship in any region”, added Akef as he concluded his speech.