Jail, Detention Terms Extended for 7 MB Leaders
Jail, Detention Terms Extended for 7 MB Leaders
Thursday, June 11,2009 06:14

The Supreme State Security Prosecution in the 5th settlement decided to extend the jail term of four MB Leaders from Ismailiyyah and North Sinai to 15 days on charges of their affiliation with the MB.  The four MB leaders are Dr. Hisham El-Souly, Ismailiyya MB Administrative Bureau Head, Ismailiyya MB leader ‘Alaa El-Dib, and North Sinai MB leaders Dr. Adel Mustafa and Saeed Mahmoud.


The Ministry also kept three MB labor leaders under detention despite the order of their release issued last Wednesday.  They are ‘Atef El-Samry, an accountant and member of the Supreme Council of the Commerce Syndicate, Mohamed El-Barbary, and former head of the Applied Professions Syndicate in Qalyubiyyah Hussein Khaled Hussein.


It is mentioned that Egyptian security forces had launched a campaign of house raids on April 5 through which it arrested nine MB labor leaders who were present at the home of Mohamed Yusuf Ahmed, a businessman in Bahteim and among the nine who had been arrested.  The others included Ahmed Abul Aziz El-Sayyid, ‘Adel Abdul-Aty, Abduh El-Sayyid Ibrahim, and Khaled Mahmud El-Azhary.   Prosecution had issued a decision for their release, but the Ministry of Interior ordered their detention then ordered the release of the previous three but the decision was not executed.