Barhoum: Detention of Hamas’s lawmakers in W. Bank big blow to Egyptian efforts
Barhoum: Detention of Hamas’s lawmakers in W. Bank big blow to Egyptian efforts
Monday, June 15,2009 05:54

Fawzi Barhoum, the official spokesman of Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip, has condemned Sunday the detention of five Hamas lawmakers at the hands of the militia of former PA chief and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem city.


In an interview with the PIC, Barhoum explained that the detention of the five elected Palestinian legislators are meant to spoil the Palestinian legitimacy, and to mar the efforts Egypt was and still is exerting to end the Palestinian political division and to achieve national reconciliation in the Palestinian arena.


Five Palestinian parliament members were detained by Abbas"s militia in Bethlehem city after they paid visit to homes of a number of their comrades who were kidnapped by the IOF troops three years ago.


"What had happened in Bethlehem was a deliberate ill action of that militia with the aim to foil the meeting between Hamas and Fatah that was simultaneously held in Gaza Strip and the West Bank to end the discord between them", Barhoum pointed out.


He also linked the behavior of Abbas"s militia to that of the IOF troops, explaining that the detention was part of the malicious project that targets Hamas Movement in the West Bank.


He underlined that the detention of the five MPs was part of the security coordination between the Israeli security departments and the militia of Abbas in the West Bank that exchanges their roles in chasing, kidnapping, and detaining members of the Palestinian legislature affiliated with Hamas Movement.


Moreover, Barhoum accused US officer Keith Dayton of spearheading a campaign against the Movement in the West Bank using Abbas"s militia as tools to achieve his target of aborting any efforts that aim at restoring the Palestinian national unity.


In this regard, Barhoum called on Egypt, the sponsor of the Palestinian dialogue, to use its influence on Abbas to halt chasing and arresting Hamas"s members and charities in the West Bank, describing the arrest of the five lawmakers as "big blow" to the Egyptian efforts in the Palestinian arena.