8 more swine flu cases confirmed at AUC…MB earlier predictions
8 more swine flu cases confirmed at AUC…MB earlier predictions
Monday, June 15,2009 18:14

Five more students of the American University in Cairo infected with swine flu have been referred to Abbasyah Fever Hospital for treatment reported by the Egyptian Health Ministry bringing the total number of A H1N1 infected to 8.

A 12 year old girl arriving with her mother from the US became the first confirmed case of Swine Flu in Egypt. Two more students from the AU followed by another five cases raised the number to eight. It is worth mentioning that some cases have become stable while the rest remain in Egyptian hospital receiving treatment.

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat, Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood and a professor in the Faculty of Medicine in the Zagazig University stated that indications warn that swine flu could mutate into a pandemic affecting the whole country especially in light of the way in which the Egyptian government is dealing with the virus.

"Measures by the government have come too late" he continued. A seminar had in fact been convened by the MB more than 2 years ago in which there had been warning that the disease could mutate from birds to pigs. We had warned that attention must be drawn to the seriousness of the virus. Although control and prevention means had been circulated, nobody met the appeal.

Dr Ezzat explained that in the case of an outbreak which indicators point to, than the Egyptian government"s readiness to cope with the disease is very feeble and compared with what should be done almost negligible.

Despite claims by the World Health Organization that the swine flu in swines has been contained attention must be paid to the first case of swine flu transmitted from humans in Canada and it must be regarded as a serious signal.