Six Muslim Brother Leaders Suffer from Health Conditions in Qena Prison
Six Muslim Brother Leaders Suffer from Health Conditions in Qena Prison
Monday, June 22,2009 22:30

Six out of the eleven Muslim Brothers who were arrested last Friday are suffering from unstable health conditions in The Qena Public Prison. The lack of suitable medical supplies and special care needed increased the suffering of those arrested and to the deterioration of their health.


The detainees" lawyer Mr Abdallah Khalil stated that he had submitted a request to the Attorney General of the North Qena Prosecution to speed up the transferring of the detainees from the prison. The prison is widely known over the country for its reputation of being unsuitable for humans where it poses threats on their overall health and wellbeing.


He condemned the prison"s administration which banned him from visiting the detainees and checking up on them.
Khalil has warned of the poor health condition of Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, a member of the Guidance Bureau, who has suffered from a previous stroke, as well as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes in addition to this he needs to have a second open heart operation.
He also pointed out that Dr. Mohammed Kamal, ENT Professor at Assiut University , suffers from problems in the heart arteries and is in need of urgent heart surgery. Since he has diabetes it is imperative that he has a daily dose of insulin.
Khalaf Allah El-Bonsai, employee in the Ministry of Education, has a medical condition in the Oesophagus and also needs an urgent surgical procedure that can only be done in a hospital with great capacities.
In addition to the three previously mentioned members, Saif El-Din El-Maghrebi, Head of the Administrative office in Qena, suffers from  roughness in the joints and cannot move on his own accord and needs assistance and Hammam Ali Yosuf, Head of the Administrative office in Suhag, suffers from spastic colon , duodenal/ gastric ulcer and after effects of a previous brain stroke, while Dr. Ali Ezz Eddin Sabet, Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Assiut, suffers from high blood pressure and needs special care.