Dismay Over US and Spanish Visas’ Rejection for Several Azhar Imams
Dismay Over US and Spanish Visas’ Rejection for Several Azhar Imams
Monday, June 22,2009 22:40

Frustration, and general dissatisfaction was the overall mood among the circles of The Islamic Research Academy, Ministry of Endowments, and Al-Azhar University after the US Embassy refused issuing visas to four of the eighty Azhar preachers and Imams who were chosen by the Ministry of Endowments to celebrate the nights of the holy month of Ramadan in the United States, Ikhwanweb reported.

In the same context, a well-informed source from Al-Azhar University said the Spanish Embassy refused to grant visas to five Azhar preachers chosen by the Ministry of Endowment in a written letter sent to the University. The chosen five preachers are: Sheikh Mahmoud Ali Al-Shami, Sheikh Hassanein Mohammed Behnsawi, Sheikh Ahmad Radzi Awad, Sheikh Sami Hamed Ramadan, and Sheikh Ali Ahmed Abdel-Atti.

The source stated that the Academy members slammed the new shameful procedures, which they considered an insult to Egypt and Al-Azhar besides it flouts feelings of the Egyptian and Muslim communities in the holy month. Imams who have been banned hold high recommendations and are highly certified. The banning of these preachers can only be interpreted as a war waged against the "Dawaa".