Appeal Court to Rule in MBs Military Tribunals’ Verdict July 12
Appeal Court to Rule in MBs Military Tribunals’ Verdict July 12
Tuesday, June 23,2009 20:38

The Administrative Court headed by Judge Mohamed Attia, Vice Chairman of State’s Council Court , will rule July 2nd  in the appeal by six of the Muslim Brotherhood"s leaders who were sentenced by military tribunals more than three years ago

The MB defense team stressed in an appeal today before the court that the case is merely political, arguing that the government"s second litigant party submitted today new documents proving that the defendants are primarily politicians belonging to an opposition group
Lawsuits revealed that the administrative court’s refusal to release the contestants didn"t provide any legally acceptable reasons. It is an abuse of power as it is only a part of denying the freedom of its contestants in plotting conspiracy, attempting to settle political dispute, and an endeavored conduct by the government to get rid of its political opponents by putting them behind bars because they prove to be a threat to the opposition. All that has been mentioned proves that the regime has deviated from the right path, and abused its power. Therefore, the verdict has deviated from its purpose where it"s meant to maintain the public"s interest. Hence, any ruling neglecting its purpose; is genuinely invalid, remaining incoherent till it has been revealed by fair justice.

Meanwhile, Lawyer Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud said: Documents were submitted by the government to the court arguing that they are politicians, something the defense team has sought over the last period.

The defense team had hoped the lawsuits were delayed so that they could be decided on in the same session in which Parole release is scheduled on July 7th for seven MB figures who were sentenced by martial courts, he stated. However the court adjourned it to another hearing on July 12. 
In regards to the legal system concerning the release of the prisoners it is understood that they may be suitable for parole if they have completed three quarters of their sentence in good conduct and don"t pose as a threat to the regime. This defense was emphasized in the case of the six who filed eligibility for parole which included Eng. Ayman Abdul Ghani, a brother-in-law of Eng. Khairat Al-Shater who is the second deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

It is worth mentioning that the defense team of the MB leaders who were sentenced in a martial court submitted 13 appeals for parole for all 13 of those referred to the martial court. Nevertheless, 6 appeals in the last session have been postponed to today"s session, while the remaining 7 are delayed for ruling on July 7th.

In another case the same court decided today to postpone to July 7th the lawsuit of Dr. Mohammed Badi a member of the MB Executive Bureau, filed against the Interior Minister as he was banned from traveling abroad.