Ben Mansour: The Military Council’s coup should be erased
Ben Mansour: The Military Council’s coup should be erased
Wednesday, June 24,2009 06:47
By Saeed Al-Abbadi

The Head of the Nationall Gathering for Reform and Development Party in Mauritania and candidate for the next Presidential elections has stressed that the Military council was part of a coup stage and should be done with.
 Ben Mansour Added “This council is one of the institutions of the coup stage. We promised we’d be back to the life of legality and constitutionality; therefore we have to overcome this problem; however this doesn’t mean any manipulation of the Military institution, as we respect its status. We should however, endeavour to overcome the situation of the coup and move into a state of constitutionality".
Meanwhile, The National Gathering for Reform and Development Party has formally announced its nomination of its leader Mohammed Jamil Weld Mansour for the next presidency A statement from the National Council of the National gathering for Reform and Development Party, (TAWASOL) has decided after deep and thorough analysis of the political situation, broad consultation with the party leaders and supporters, and with dependency on Allah, that the nomination of Weld Mansour will be a significant addition to the national efforts of the restoration of a multiparty democracy as well as providing a good chance to submit the project of the party before Mauritanians who yearn for democracy and development. In addition to this, it considered it a good opportunity for positive connections with the different national political forces and those interested in achieving great interests for the country which it deserves.