Haneyya: West Bank events main obstacle before Palestinian reconciliation
Haneyya: West Bank events main obstacle before Palestinian reconciliation
Sunday, June 28,2009 06:19

Ismail Haneyya, the PA premier, on Saturday said that the political detention of resistance cadres in the West Bank constituted a stumbling bloc before any inter-Palestinian agreement.


During an inspection tour of the Rafah border terminal on Saturday, Haneyya hoped that all obstacles would be overcome in order to reach a reconciliation agreement by 7/7/2009.


He described what is going on in the West Bank as "painful", adding that continuation of kidnapping and prosecution was a negative sign.


For its part, Hamas Movement on Saturday issued a statement in the West Bank warning of the serious repercussions of the continued persecution of resistance especially in Qalqilia.


It said that the Qalqilia prisons of the Ramallah authority"s security apparatuses were crammed and that those apparatuses transferred many detainees to Nablus and Ramallah prisons.


Hamas pointed out that those security apparatuses kidnapped 140 citizens for affiliating with or supporting Hamas since the start of June including 8 women, merchants, municipal council members, elderly people and notables.


The Movement expressed dismay at the fact that many homes were robbed during those security forces raids, and called on Mahmoud Abbas, the former PA chief, to order his security forces to stop this campaign of arrests, to release all detainees and to end torture.