Habib: Detentions are an evidence of Regime’s confusion and failure
Habib: Detentions are an evidence of Regime’s confusion and failure
Sunday, June 28,2009 06:56

Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, emphasized that the unjustified detentions the security services launched today against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders is clear evidence of the regime’s confusion and failure in solving the problems Egyptians encounter nowadays.

He stated in a telephone conversation with Al-Jazeera TV Channel that the detentions came in the context of unjustified crackdowns that the regime is carrying out against the Muslim Brotherhood members to restrict and prevent them from having a role in the Egyptian political life. He also added that the number of the detainees among the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in recent months rose to more than 146 detainees.
He stressed that the state’s ongoing fierce campaigns to undermine the Brotherhood will fail as it previously had, asserting that the Brotherhood are on their way to reform, coordinating with all political and national powers in Egypt, and forming coalitions with the masses of the Egyptian population.

He hailed the important role played by Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, and Dr. Jamal Abdul Salam in the relief and reconstruction effort for Palestinians during the recent Zionist aggression in the Gaza strip, indicating that the Muslim Brotherhood are tackling detentions by turning to the media and through legal channels.