Abu Seada: The arrests of the MB are an introduction to the application of the Anti-Terrorism Law
Abu Seada: The arrests of the MB are an introduction to the application of the Anti-Terrorism Law
Sunday, July 12,2009 08:09
Hafez Abu Seada, Secretary-General of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and member of the National Council for Human Rights, has condemned the recent security attacks against the MB which included Dr. Abdel Moenem Abul Fotouh, Secretary General of the Arab Doctors Federation and member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, and a number of MB leaders. He stressed that the charges of money laundering collected from terrorism acts accused by the General Prosecution to the detainees is an introduction to the application to a trial designed according to the law to combat terrorism which is being  currently prepared.
He stressed to Ikhwanweb that the charges against the detainees were false accusations lacking any legal and procedural evidences to prove its validity. He added “Dr. Abul Fotouh is a peaceful and well-known politician. Moreover he is a highly-respected figure recognized for his work with the trades unions. He has never been seen committing a violent act or inducing violence, therefore, legally he should not be charged with such accusations”.
Abu Seada denounced the insistence of the Ministry of Interior to ignore the judicial rulings where there were issues ordered for arrest warrants for  Dr. Osama Nasr, member of the MB Guidance Bureau, and many others, stressing that such procedures are illegal and lacking the bare minimum of the international standards of human rights.
He clarified that the legal battle in the next stage will evolve around defending  the rights of citizens to fair trials to stand before appropriate judges instead of being prosecuted facing Exceptional Courts which are being used by the state against political opponents.