Sawaseya welcomes the release of Muslim Brotherhood leaders
Sawaseya welcomes the release of Muslim Brotherhood leaders
Monday, July 13,2009 10:00

The Sawaseya Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination welcomes wholly the Administrative Court ’s decision today July 12th, to release a number of the Muslim Brotherhood’s high ranking leaders who were sentenced by marital-court after they had served three quarters of their sentence. The center called on the Egyptian authorities to quickly implement the verdict as any delay in the implementation of the release is against the practices of the Egyptian and international laws and international conventions.
The detainees are:
1.   Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr (Member of the MB Executive Bureau and Former Secretary-General of the Engineering Syndicate).
2.   Eng. Medhat Ahmed Mohamed El-Haddad (Businessman).
3.   Sayed Marouf Abul Yazeed Mesbah (Accountant).
4.   Mostafa Mohamed Mohamed Mahmoud Salem (Auditor).
5.   Dr. Essam Abdel-Halim Ibrahim Hashish (Professor at the Faculty of Engineering.
6.   Dr. Diaa el-Din Abdul-Majid Farhat Farahat (Businessman).
7.   Dr. Salah Eldosoqi Amer Morad (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine).
8.   Fathy Mohamed Baghdady Ali (Teacher).
9.   Dr. Farid Ali Ahmed Galbat (Professor of International Law, Faculty of Sharia and Law).
10.                     Dr. Essam Abdel Mohsen Afifi Mohamed (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine).
11.                     Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Mohamed Abu Zead (Professor at the Faculty of Medicine).
12.                     Eng. Mahmdouh Ahmed Abdel Moeti Al-Hussein (Engineer).
13.                     Eng. Ayman Ahmed Abdel Ghani Hassanin (Engineer).
The Council stated that these individuals have the right to regain their freedom especially as they were model examples who complied with and respected the law, despite the obvious injustice perpetrated against them by the security and political authorities in Egypt . The center stated that the Egyptian authority’s postponement in implementing the court’s decision will distort Egypt ’s status in the eyes of the international community since it proves that Egypt continues to rule by martial law contrary to all the international conventions signed by Egypt . These laws originally condemn referring civilians to military tribunals and emphasize the necessity for civilians to stand before conventional judges.
 In its statement, "Sawaseya" called for the intervening and co-operation of the human rights organizations operating in Egypt especially the National Council for Human Rights to quickly promote the enforcing of the law, after the sentenced persons already received verdicts for release. The Sawaseya statement concluded that the released detainees and those who were prosecuted in the military tribunals are Egypt ’s finest citizens who are very renowned for their competence and integrity. Most of them are businessmen and university professors who are performing their best for the benefit of Egypt and its noble people.

It is worth mentioning that the Administrative Judicial Court pronounced this morning that the Ministry of Interior is compelled to set free thirteen of the Muslim Brotherhood’s high ranking leaders who had been sentenced in the recent military tribunal. The detainees have completed three quarters of their sentence. The Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders and the civil society welcomed this decision which they hope will be implemented as soon as possible.