Message From Dr. Haytham Manna, Freedom for Dr. Aboul-Fotouh
Message From Dr. Haytham Manna, Freedom for Dr. Aboul-Fotouh
Friday, July 17,2009 15:50
Dear doctors,
The Egyptian Security Services arrested on Sunday morning June 28th, 2009, Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh,  a member of the Muslim Brotherhood"s Executive Office, Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union and a renown unionist, human rights activist and public figure in Egypt and the Arab world.  According to Egyptian authorities he was arrested under pretenses of the pending case of the international organization (case 404 of the year 2009 higher state security).
An intense follow up of the medical files of victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza are an identification of the aid given by Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh to all doctors traveling to the Gaza Strip.  His distinguished role in promoting holding Israeli war criminals accountable is evident in the thorough documenting of medical information.
 The important and noble role carried out by this modest and peaceful advocator in consolidating the unionist rights of Arab doctors and strengthening the role of the Arab doctor in humanitarian issues in conflict zones like Darfur , Iraq , Palestine and Somalia is widely-known.
Egyptian doctors across the political spectrum including those from the NDP ruling party voted for Dr. Abul-Fotouh in the union"s elections. The detentions also included Dr. Jamal Abdul Salam, the manager of the aid and relief committee in the Arab Doctors" Union is also known by humanitarian agencies for his work for the blockade and relief aid. He is recognized more by his work in the aid and humanitarian circles more than as a political activist because he spends most of his time in this field. He was released from a 50-day detention last February, 5th, on his efforts to back the Palestinian people in Gaza .
Several international medical syndicates along with major movements and activists of human rights have denounced these detentions. The Arab Commission for Human Rights viewed the systematic administrative detentions in Egypt as a means to destroy people"s civil, political and professional efforts and a form of arbitrary detention. We have heard words of appreciation and respect about Dr Abul Fotouh from many Egyptian officials whom we contacted. He is considered a source of pride for Egypt and the Muslim and Arab world with his moral conduct and dedication to defending causes adopted by Arab Lawyers Union whether they are private, public, local or international.
We were saddened when we heard that the detention of Dr. Abul-Fotouh was prolonged, especially because of his deteriorating health condition, as Egyptian authorities have responded to his request and sent him on Monday to Al-Qasr Al-Aini hospital in Cairo after his health condition worsened. He uses a mechanical ventilator during sleep because of his sleeping apnea. However, the real demand is to end this detention which is seen by renowned Egyptian figures as damaging Egypt "s Arab and international image.
I urge you to write to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to ask him to intervene and order the immediate release of Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh, especially that the claimed charges have no judicial foundation. As for helping the Palestinian people under siege, this is not a charge but a source of pride for him and for Dr. Jamal Abdul Salam and for all involved in helping people who are suffering under the occupation and aggression.
I hope that you move quickly because the health of Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh is not well, in the name of unionist work and as a message of gratitude to those who served the causes of Arab doctors in improving the image of Arab doctors in all societies.
Thanking you in advance for your movements and concern,
Dr. Haytham Mannaa,
Chairman of the International Office of Humanitarian Societies, spokesman of the Arab Commission for Human Rights