Attorney General receives written notification on health release of six MB members
Attorney General receives written notification on health release of six MB members
Friday, July 17,2009 16:04

Lawyers of the Muslim Brotherhood will submit this coming Wednesday a written notification to Attorney-General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud requesting the release of six out of the eleven Muslim Brothers who are detained in QENA public prison for health reasons. The detainees" health is declining as they suffer from various diseases and ailments. 
At the top of the list is Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, a member of the Executive Bureau who has suffered from a previous stroke, also has atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition to this, he is in need of a second open heart operation. 
Other detainees include; Dr. Mohammad Kamal (Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Professor and Head of the MB administrative bureau in Assiut who has suffered from problems in the heart arteries and is in need of an urgent procedure, since he has diabetes, it is imperative that he has a daily dose of insulin.  Khalaf Allah El-Bonsai, an employee in the Ministry of Education, also has a medical condition in the esophagus and is in need of an important surgical procedure that can only be done in a hospital with great capacities.
Saif El-Din El-Maghrebi, Head of the Muslim Brotherhood Administrative office in Qena, suffers also from roughness of the joints and cannot move on his own accord as he needs assistance and Hammam Ali Yosuf, Head of the Administrative office in Suhag, suffers from the after effects of a previous brain stroke, a spastic colon and a gastric ulcer. Dr. Ali Ezz Eddin Sabet, Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Assiut , also suffers from high blood pressure and is in need of special care.
It should be noted that the eleven Muslim Brothers who were detained since June 19 are living in difficult conditions where four out of the eleven are detained in an undersized cell measuring six square metres with no ventilation or toilets. The Attorney General of Qena Prosecution Judge Mohamed Attia denied on 22nd July, the appeal of the lawyers to speed up the transfer of the sick detainees from QENA prison or the release of them for health reasons.
Ammar Hasan Hanafi (senior inspector at Luxor Antiquities Authority)
Abdullah Makhlouf (Employee in Aswan ’s Kima plant),
Sayed Abdullah (Dawaa school staff member in Sohaj),
Jamal Salim Ali, and
Dr. Khalid al-Sayeh (Muslim Brotherhood leader) was among those detained.