Islamic Research Center Opposes Racism in Europe
Islamic Research Center Opposes Racism in Europe
Monday, July 20,2009 23:36

The Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe (FIOE) announced the establishment of a committee that would record and monitor racism against Muslims in the West. The board will be responsible for issuing regular statements on Muslim conditions in the European continent.

FIOE President Chakib Ben Makhlouf asserted that the killing of Dr. Marwa El Sherbini in Germany on July 1, served to be a catalyst in accelerating the pace of launching the unit. Its branches will be spread throughout all European countries and will examine the influence of the extreme right-wing inclinations of hatred against Muslims on the continent.
Ben Makhlouf indicated that this new structure is expected to begin within the next three months, with its first periodic report to be issued by the end of this year.
There was significant indifference in the reaction of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe over the terrible killing of Sherbini, Ben Makhlouf assert, because of what he believed were factors rendering to this delay. This postponement caused obstructions in gathering accurate information along with coverage practiced by Germany’s media and its authorities.

Marwa’s killing reflects the true nature and feelings in the form of physical and verbal violence along with a systematic campaign to incite racial and religious hatred against Muslims in some European countries, the FIOE president argued.
This tragic incident should alert everyone in assuming their responsibilities towards this form of violence and hatred.  Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated and is irresponsibly fed from the fever of extremism expressed by some politicians and public figures, Ben Makhlouf asserted.

He stressed that attempts made to raise needless alarm and cause panic about the so-called Islamization of Europe have became an incentive for some European parties and its candidates to receive attention within the public sphere. These events incited an atmosphere of anger hoping to achieve electoral gains by dividing the social fragment of society. There were, furthermore, threats to burn some copies of the Holy Quran, which is in violation of the European values that regard ethnic, religious and the cultural diversity of enrichment, which do not pose a threat.

These horrific practices quell the tumult of the soul, he noted. The opportunity to respond to the distortions and prejudices should be fought by promoting the understanding and increase in the awareness of public opinion, along with speeding-up solidarity among the components of European society.

It is worth noting that the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe is a non-profit European organization, founded in 1989, and based in Brussels. It is comprised of over 1000 centers spread across 30 European countries, including Russia. The FIOE takes into account the interests and well-being of some 50 million Muslims living on the continent