Ould Mansour calls for national unity in Mauritania
Ould Mansour calls for national unity in Mauritania
Tuesday, July 21,2009 01:37
By Saeed Ramadan

Mohammed Jamil Ould Mansour, a candidate of the ruling National Rally for Reform and Development, or Tawasol, for the Mauritanian presidential elections, has called for national unity among the Mauritanian nation. Mauritania is currently in urgent need of instilling in its citizens messages of love, tolerance and the long forgotten value of sincerity and national harmony. "There is no need to dredge up the issue of ethnic or race," he said.
Ould Mansour, who was speaking before a crowd in the capital, Nouakchott, last Wednesday, proposed a set of values allegedly carried throughout his election campaign. He added that the first of these motions was that the Tawasol party would be a political party with an Islamic reference, fully subjected to the Holy Quran and the traditions of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). He would take into account the heritage of the nation and refuses extremism, taking pride in Arab and Islamic identity.
He detailed his reasons for his 2009 presidential election nomination, asserting that the party had decided to enter its own candidate in the elections by having an ambitious program for building and developing Mauritania. “We heard a lot of hearsay about our nomination for the presidency, and why we did not support some of the candidates? Let me say that subservience is outdated."

Ould Mansour, with regard to the prospects of contesting the second round of the elections and the possibility of not winning the first round, argued that he was nominated to contest the second round. "If something else happens, the party at all levels is attempting to assemble and consider the interests of the country, the religion and the people in order to make a decisions without conditions,” added Ould Mansour.