Zaidan: The world should move against Israel’s measures in Jerusalem
Zaidan: The world should move against Israel’s measures in Jerusalem
Saturday, July 25,2009 02:05

Palestinian lawmaker and former minister Abdul Rahman Zaidan has called on the Arab and Muslim worlds as well as the international community to take decisive measures against the heinous Israeli practices in the occupied city of Jerusalem.


In a written statement he made Thursday and a copy of which was obtained by the PIC, Zaidan urged both the Arab and Muslim worlds to shoulder their moral and religious responsibility in defending the Aqsa Mosque against the escalated Israeli attempts to desecrate it.


He explained that the Arab and Muslim worlds shouldn’t just passively watch the Israeli measures against the holy city, but, he stressed, they should take decisive political stands on the regional and international levels that would propel the countries that support Israel to take the necessary measures to force the Zionist entity stop its judaization plans in the city.


Furthermore, Zaidan underlined that the Palestinian people"s resistance against those Israeli steps should be backed, and the Palestinian people in Jerusalem must be financially supported to enhance their positions and steadfastness in their homes after the Israeli occupation authorities demolished hundreds of them to expand settlement activities in the area.


However, Zaidan highlighted the important role of the Arab and international media in exposing the Israeli aggressive activities in the city, and that peoples of the world, especially in the Arab and Muslim worlds, should be given the freedom to express their anger and to confront with all possible force the Israeli crimes against the Aqsa and Jerusalem.