Underhanded decision to shut down Cairo-based Union of Arab Doctors.
Underhanded decision to shut down Cairo-based Union of Arab Doctors.
Sunday, July 26,2009 12:34

A well-informed source in the Arab Doctors Union in Cairo revealed that there is tight security restrictions now arranged to prevent the Union from exercising its humanitarian role which threatened to transfer its headquarters from Cairo. The sources stressed, that secret measures are under way to shut down the headquarters of the Union in Cairo especially after Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh, Secretary-General of the Arab Doctors Union was detained under investigations in the case of the alleged "international network of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The source, who asked for anonymity, asserted to Ikhwanweb that the Emergency Relief Committee of the Arab Doctors" Union, headed by Dr. Jamal Abdul Salam who was also detained in the same case, suffers security inflexibility in its humanitarian mission. The relief shipments sent to Gaza has almost ceased and there is currently much pressure on the other humanitarian tasks in some Arab and Muslim countries.


The Egyptian authorities’ decision to deprive the tons of relief material in the Union"s storerooms at Al-Arish affected negatively the donations and contributions of numbers of Egyptians and Arabs to the headquarters of the Union. Furthermore, Rafah authorities refused to allow food shipments to cross into Gaza and insisted it enter from Al Awja crossing which is under Zionist entity and this is unequivocally rejected by the Arab Union.

Observers have warned that the continuing pressure on the Emergency Relief Committee of the Arab Physicians Union harms Egypt’s reputation while the Union"s headquarters in Cairo only moved back ten years ago. Such events could negatively affect the relief materials donated by NGOs from Arab and Islamic countries.