Police Detains Abdul Qoddous During Kifaya Demonstration
Tuesday, March 20,2007 00:00
By S. Abbadi, Ikhwanweb

The Egyptian security forces arrested Mohamed Abdul Qoddous, the head of the freedoms committee in the Press Syndicate and Malek Mostafa, the blogger of MaLcoLM X (http://malek-x.net/) in the demonstration organized by Kifaya Movement in front of the People’s Assembly to show solidarity with the members of parliament rejecting the constitutional amendments which were hastily approved by the Egyptian parliament on Monday.
The Egyptian regime continues its repression to the opposition; the Egyptian security forces sealed off, since Tuesday morning, all streets leading to the People’s Assembly and prevented a peaceful demonstration that Kifaya Movement called for today at 3.00 PM, protesting at approving the constitutional amendments even after the Muslim Brotherhood and independents MPs boycotted them.
Ikhwanweb correspondent reported that the security forces prevented most journalists from reaching the People’s Assembly to attend a press conference organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and independents MPs to declare their rejection to the constitutional amendments and the mechanisms to be adopted in next period till the day of the referendum scheduled this March 26.
For his part, Kamal Khalil, a political activist and Kifaya Movement member, told Ikhwanweb that the Egyptian regime doesn’t want to hear the voice of any opposition power whatsoever; this repressive regime wants to increase its domination and power over all institutions nationwide .
Khalil pointed out that the demonstration was targeting showing solidarity with members of parliament who reject these constitutional amendments .
Khalil expected that the Egyptian regime will launch a crackdown against political activists in the coming period to approve the constitutional amendments and to prevent demonstrations on the day of the referendum.

Scuffles between demonstrators and Mubarak’s troops in front of the Press Syndicate (Photo by Amr Abdallah)


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