Minister of Agriculture refuses to resign despite "sewage irrigation" scandal
Minister of Agriculture refuses to resign despite
Wednesday, September 16,2009 17:59

 Eng. Amin Abaza refused what was raised by Nagi Al-Shehabi, member of the Shoura Council, of the need to submit his resignation due to the disaster of agriculture land's irrigation with sewage.

In defense of himself he said "what was suggested by the MP is the easy solution, however the difficult one is for ministers to remain in order to deal with all problems and solve it.
He explained during the meeting of the Agricultural Committee in the Shoura Council headed by Dr. Hussein Hegazi that a new legislation for stiffen penalties on those sewage or non-purified water in irrigation has not been completed or passed yet.
Abaza cited the existence of many resolutions which bans the exploitation of the lands which uses non-purified water for irrigation except for forests. He pledged to solve completely some problems with the end of this year.
Abaza pointed out that 85% of Egypt's share in water is used in agriculture and is declining due to the population growth and the increase of personal consumption of water in for drinking and other use which is 10 billion cubic meter, 7.5 of it is sewage which is a huge amount of water that cannot be ignored especially in light of water poverty suffered from by many countries, for this reason this water should be used once again after purifying it certain ways.