Reprisal Against Reporters Union Legitimate Members in Tunisia.
Reprisal Against Reporters Union Legitimate Members in Tunisia.
Wednesday, September 30,2009 23:15

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information , ANHRI, deeply resented the hostile measures taken by the Constitutional Democratic Congress ruling party in Tunisia against the elected board members of the reporters union who were overthrown by the Tunisian government in August, 2009.

A complaint was filed against the legitimate board members, who did not cave in for the governmental overthrow plot, claiming there were financial indiscretions. Naji AlBjouri, union leader, Najiba AlHamruni, Skiena Abdul Samad, Munji AlKhadrawi and Ziad Hani were prosecuted by the economic police.

Jamal AlKarmawy , a pro government reporter and the leader of the overthrow , is the one who filed the complaint. He is also the counselor of the secretary general of the ruling party.

These incidents bring to memory the indecent methods and measures against antagonists, opponents, reporters and activists in which the Tunisian government has at all times excelled. Though all these fabricated accusation end to nothing , yet they are used to taint the names and images of the political opponents in a chain of payback measures against revealing governmental corruption or orchestrating the repression policy.

This communiqué which was confined to the five elected member who did not give in for the government pressures, is a measure which was preceded by other avenging measures taken by the government after dominating the reporters' union. Earlier, the legitimate union leader Naji AlBjouri was stopped from entering the union premises mid September 2009. The children of Ziad Alhani were not allowed to attend their classes at school. Such measures reveal the governmental policy of denying any decent or honest rules when dealing with opponents who did not do anything except hold on to legitimacy and to their right in free elections that would yield a board that represents the reports not the government.

AHNRI asserted that it will spare no effort cooperating with all organizations that defend reporters rights all around the world to expose the police mentality of the Tunisian government and its indifference of human rights and its disrespect of the law.

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