Alazhar students threaten to go on a hunger strike.
Alazhar students threaten to go on a  hunger strike.
Sunday, October 4,2009 13:31

Alazhar University campus has seen chaos and havoc where students have been protesting for the third day running voicing their anger and dissatisfaction. Students in the fifth and sixth year of Med School have threatened to go on a hunger strike in protest to  Dr Ahmed Altayeb the University Dean's decision that breakfast, lunch and dinner will be handed out at the same time. Students argue that the decision will result in the possible spreading of any illnesses and disease due to crowding especially in light of the fear of the H1N1 disease commonly known as Swine Flu.

Students added this decision will not only help in the spread of illnesses but is a waste of time since the halls will be overcrowded, moreover the students who are still fasting will miss their meals if they are to be handed out while they are fasting. All in all the decision is seen as a disappointment and will be challenged since the students believe that no responsible or mature thought has been put into viewing the consequences.