Muslim Brotherhood expresses its opinion on latest incidents.
Muslim Brotherhood expresses its opinion on latest incidents.
Monday, October 5,2009 15:55

The world has witnessed  many  incidents during the past few weeks, including activities of state, international and regional institutions. Meetings and conferences of world leaders effectively led by the United States and the Israeli occupation forces and their allies in the West. Britain, France, Germany and the  European Union have met and presided in the East by China and Russia, in which Japan’s role was completely excluded and the lack of presence from Arab countries in the world’s arena was evident.

The most prominent of these events include:

- U.S. President Barak Obama heads a meeting of the U.N. Security Council.

- Netanyahu and Abu Mazen’s speeches to the UN General Assembly.

- Quartet Meeting on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

- Obama, Netanyahu, Abu Mazen summit in New York.

- G-20 Meeting led by Obama.

- Meeting of "5+1," which took place October 1 of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany. Japan was excluded once again.

It has clearly indicated that the United States, through all these meetings and conferences, is very keen to take the leading role in international meetings and conferences, attempting to assume control and the upper hand over the world’s rulers.

Decisions on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict were one of the crucial issues emanating from the US-Israeli meetings. These conferences and summits discussed maintaining a firm, clear line against Iranian nuclear armament, supporting, at the same time, the Jews and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, marginalization of the Palestinian demands and armed resistance and the deliberate postponement of the ongoing conflict raging now in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and southern Sudan.

The Muslim Brotherhood, with regard to the US maliciousness, arrogance and tyranny and its negative consequences on the Arab and Islamic peoples, affirms the following:

1- Resistance is an inherent right of all peoples against settlers. The Palestinian people have the right to defend and liberate their land from the usurper and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on all Palestinian territory.

 2– Measures should be taken to end the Israeli settlement without necessary  approval or consent on the existence of the Israeli occupation forces on the usurped Arabs, and  Palestinian-Muslim Lands.

3 – The necessary maintaining of  stability and preserving of  peace in the Middle East will not be  achieved without the restoring of all the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and the return of refugees to their homeland and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state over all Palestinian territories and Jerusalem as its capital.

4 - Arab and Islamic people must act promptly towards supporting the Palestinian armed resistance by all means and   impose  their will on the US-Israeli decision-makers and their followers within the Arab and Islamic countries who normalized ties. 

5 - Preventing the shedding of Muslim blood due to the domestic fighting waged by the US-Israeli conspirators. Moreover scholars should take command and play an effective role in condemning the wars waged  in Pakistan’s Swat Wally,  Yemen’s Saada, and South Sudan.

The Muslim Brotherhood urgently calls for the forming of a committees of scholars from all the  Muslim nations to convene with the Arab League calling on the Organization of an Islamic Conference to immediately put an end to hostilities between the citizens in Yemen.