Police Corporal On Hunger Strike Over Persecution
Wednesday, March 14,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
A police corporal staged a hunger strike, accusing his chief of persecuting him as compliment to two MPs, after accusing him of jailing two thieves although he caught them red-handed.
A police corporal from Bilbeis, Sharqiya, north of Cairo, staged a hunger strike, accusing his chief of persecuting him as compliment to two MPs, after accusing him of jailing two thieves and treating them with cruelty.
Police corporal, Hani Hassan Al Karrash said in prosecution complaint No. 7834 of the year 2007 that he was guarding Bilbeis telephone exchange, when he heard calls for help from neighbours, indicating that thieves were trying to steal cables from the store of the telephone exchange. He added that took two detectives and chased the two thieves until he arrested them on Bilbeis overpass. After a body search, he found a penknife with the first thief and a small saw with other; when he took them to the police station and handed them over, he was stunned by to members of parliament for both constituencies of Mashtool Al-Souq and Abu Hammad. After the two MPs met the commissioner and police chief, the police corporal was accused of arresting two persons without any legal basis, treated them with cruelty and that he accused innocent persons of theft, and the two persons he arrested were released .
The police corporal added in the investigations before prosecutor Hatem Al Banna that the two persons were detained red-handed after finding telephone cables with them and the testimonies of the neighbors; he decided to stage a hunger strike, after he was jailed for four days and sent to Abouhmad prison, and after the security manager issued a decision of transferring him to Fakous police station .

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