MB’s Ghozlan, 6 Others Detained 15 Days
Wednesday, March 14,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb

Egyptian State Security Prosecution jailed Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau member and six other MB leaders for 15 days pending investigation.
The Higher State Security Prosecution issued a decision of jailing Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Executive Bureau member, and six other MB leaders for 15 days pending investigation. The detained leaders are:
-Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, MB Executive Bureau member, agronomy professor at Zagazig University,
- Dr. Mohamed Saad Eleiwa, Urologist at Boulaq Hospital, MB leader and Secretary-General of the Doctors’ Syndicate in Giza,
-Dr. Mohie Hamed, from governorate of Sharqiya
-Dr. Mostafa Al Ghoneimi from governorate of Gharbiya and board member the Doctors’ Syndicate,
-Dr. Gamal Nassar,
-Mohamed Al Srougi, from Gharbiya, Al-Geel Al-Muslim school principal
-Mohamed Al Qassas .
The prosecution accused them of: joining an outlawed group, organizing demonstrations, attempting a coup and threatening national unity; the detainees declined to respond to these charges in the investigations, confirming that the decisions are politically motivated, these are just symbolic measures and that they don’t trust the state security prosecution.
The investigations lasted only 45 minutes, starting from 7.45 PM and ending at 8.30 PM, while the decision was issued two hours later, at 10.30 PM; the MB detained leaders were held inside cars for 3 hours till all detainees were gathered from the various state security branches.
The state security forces detained Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan on Monday evening, and detained the others on Tuesday at dawn, while Dr. Gamal Nassar surrendered himself to the authorities on Tuesday at noon because he was out at the time of the crackdown.
The security services arrested also three MB young men from Damietta, south of Cairo:
Sherif Al Sayed Ahmed, an engineer in Damietta port,
Ahmed Al Nagar, an employee in Damietta port,
Amr Zaki, graduate from the faculty of commerce.
The security forces arrested three others from the governorate of Gharbiya.
In Bahtim, Shubra Al Khaymah, the security forces arrested four MB members:
-Ibrahim Ramadan, teacher
-Mohamed Raafat Mohammed Saleh, Marketing manager at Al-Falah co. for translation and publishing
-Ahmed Hamed Ali Al Hit, social worker
-Ramadan Mohamed Abdul Qader, Arabic teacher .

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