The banning of blogger Amr Salama for being
The banning of blogger Amr Salama for being
Thursday, November 12,2009 23:24

The State security agency in Sinai forced the Sinai University's Administration from accepting the enrolment form of blogger Amr Salem. The 2nd year college student was denied entry into the Faculty's department of Journalism with allegations that he was too verbal and opinionated posting on his blog "Lesa Ayessh" or "Still living" objections to measures and policies used against Egypt's citizens.


Salem was denied entry to more than one college and was met with criticism and confrontation for his promoting of help to the Gazans during the Israeli' occupation attacks.


After numerous interviews with college presidents, deans, and administrators including Dr Hassan Rateb the owner of the Sinai university and Dr Ossama Rateb chairman of Cairo University 's students' council  he was asked to sign a written agreement if he was to be permitted to be a student in any of the colleges. The agreement stipulated that Salem withdraw from any activities within the college including running in the student body elections and the abstinence from posting any opinion with regards to the regime.


Salem objected by closing his blog claiming to a statement to "Ikhwanonline" that "Am I guilty for posting on my blog the scandalous activities of the regime including the embezzling of relief sent to the Gazans and calling for the support of the besieged Palestinians? We must stand in the face of this corrupt network and I stand by my cause. Hope is for the younger generation to stand up and defend its rights. I beseech all youths to hold their head up and fight for their freedom. I say no to corruption and no to discrimination".