Bardawil: Israel escalation to probe international reaction
Bardawil: Israel escalation to probe international reaction
Monday, November 23,2009 09:36

GAZA -- Dr. Salah Al-Bardawil, the spokesman of Hamas's parliamentary bloc, said that the latest escalation in Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip was an attempt to probe the international reaction following the Goldstone report.


He said in a press release on Sunday that Israel might be planning new crimes and was testing the world's possible attempt to check new aggression on the Palestinian people.

The MP charged that Israel was not in need of any justification to launch new crimes due to its criminal nature, noting that the escalation is also considered in absolute disregard of the official Arab position, which does not react whatsoever in face of such crimes.

Bardawil championed re-uniting the Palestinian ranks on the basis of steadfastness and resistance, adding that Palestinian cohesion is the best option to silence the Israeli escalations.