Haneyya meets with British and US priests in Gaza
Haneyya meets with British and US priests in Gaza
Wednesday, November 25,2009 15:10

GAZA, --- Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya met Monday with a delegation of British and American priests in addition to Christian Gazans and stressed the importance of such visits which contribute to illustrating the suffering of Gaza people and their right to have the siege lifted.

Haneyya expressed his gratitude to the delegation led by Rev. Oldroa and his happiness to meet him again especially since he already visited Marj Al-Zohour exiles after they returned to their homes in Gaza and met with their leaders.

The premier explained to the delegation the aggressive policy of the Israeli occupation for sixty years, its racist policies against Palestinians, its attempts to Judaize occupied Jerusalem and undermine its Islamic identity and the annexation of lands in the West Bank.

He said that all should try to know the Movement of Hamas through its government and not from Israel and its aides.

For his part, Rev. Oldroa thanked the premier for the warm reception and recalled the memories of Marj Al-Zohour.

He said that he always urges American politicians and leaders not to seek revenge and not to spend huge amounts of money on weapons as long as they want peace and stability in the world.

In another context, spokesman for the Palestinian government Taher Al-Nunu told Safa News agency that a delegation of the government including Haneyya’s political advisor Yousuf Rizqa met with Yemeni officials in charge of the Yemeni Hajj group in Makkah.

Both sides underlined the importance of the unity of Muslims and discussed the latest development in the Palestinian arena.

Later, Palestinian health minister Basem Naim met with Iranian officials in the headquarters of their Hajj group and discussed with them many Palestinian issues including the situation in Jerusalem and the repercussions of the Israeli blockade.