Student arrested in Sharqeya while on her way to Eid prayers.
Student arrested in Sharqeya while on her way to Eid prayers.
Saturday, November 28,2009 12:32

The first day of Eid witnessed the harassment and seizing of a student in Sharqeya while she was on her way to perform the Eid prayers. State security officer stopped her and her younger brother as they were entering the stadium prayers demanding that the young boy remove a scarf he wore around his neck on account that it represented the Palestinians. The officer called for back up from security when the girl refused to remove the scarf from her brother's neck where she claimed that it was too cool for him and it was protecting him from the cold weather. The girl was apprehended and transferred to the police precinct where she is still to be brought before prosecutors.


Defense lawyers for the Muslim Brotherhood stressed that this incident may serve as a catalyst claiming that the irresponsible measures practiced against the public will escalate if the violations of freedom of rights continue to be practiced by state security agents who are backed by the ruling regime.


In a related incident demonstrating the State security's bullying during Eid forces backed by security vehicles intercepted a peaceful march in Sharqeya which was on its way to perform the Eid Aladha prayers. Similar methods were used in Hahya however marched refused to stop their peaceful march forcing Security to search each and every person entering the grounds to pray.


Despite the disruptions of the festivities by State security the Muslim Brotherhood movement was able to distribute small gifts to young children who attended the prayers.