Kuwait: Hadass demands the Kuwaiti government acknowledge rights of the Bidun.
Kuwait: Hadass demands the Kuwaiti government acknowledge rights of the Bidun.
Saturday, December 12,2009 18:34

A crisis escalated after the Kuwaiti parliament failed to attain a resolution on the topic of the indefinite nationality of the "Bidun" in Kuwait. The government representatives were notably absent during the session where members from Hadass submitted questions to end the crisis demanding the rescheduling of the hearings and permanent closure of the issue.
Three different requests were submitted urging the discussing of different topics including the debate of social and civil rights.
Efforts have been intensified with the government's upcoming hearings on Wednesday December 17, and Thursday December 18, where it is expected that a vote will take place encouraging the MP's not to co-operate with the Prime Minister Nasser al-Mohamed but to give a vote of confidence to the Interior Minister Jaber al-Khaled.
The Islamic Constitutional Movement known as "Hadass" urged its deputies to concentrate on questioning the deputies and ministries of missions accomplished for the well- being of the citizens. The Movement asserted that demands and questions will be relentless hoping to assess the government and its ministries performances. The movement stressed that light should be shed on various topics and demanded the discussion of topics including that of the stateless Bidun which should be in the forefront. They claimed that the Kuwaiti government should enforce the fundamental rights of every human being, in Kuwait including security, tranquility, and a decent living, health care and a basic education and a direct social life.


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