Detainees threaten to go on hunger strike.
Detainees threaten to go on hunger strike.
Saturday, December 19,2009 20:47

Detained members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have threatened to go on a hunger strike in objection to the poor conditions and negligence of the administration to detainees in Damanhur's prison.


Conditions in the prison are nothing short of appalling and the administration demonstrates no intention of making their stay easier. Illnesses ranging from back pains, diabetes, hypertension, liver and kidney problems and even tumors are present among the detainees who were unjustly arrested and detained by State security services earlier this year.


The prison's hospital lacks the necessary medications and equipment to treat the detainees and the administration continues to postpone offering even the most meager health care. One member, Eng. Kamel al-Deen Attia suffers high levels of creatinine making him susceptible to kidney failure as the prison's hospital lacks the necessary medication with no specialist doctor available to monitor his condition. Dr Ibrahim Gabr suffers from a slipped disc causing him severe pain and Eng. Yaser Roshdy has diabetes and is in need of Insulin which is also not readily available in the prison. These are just a few of the ailments suffered by the detainees who number more than 90 from the movement.


Families of the detained men call on the Minister of Interior, Minister of Health and the Prison warden to intervene in helping the ill men in getting a release because of health conditions claiming that "This is not about politics or about who's 'right or wrong' or who's 'legal or illegal'. It's about affording detainees the respect and human dignity that we all deserve".