Dameer: Birth defects increased in Gaza due to Israel’s use of chemical weapons
Dameer: Birth defects increased in Gaza due to Israel’s use of chemical weapons
Monday, December 21,2009 12:59

Al-Dameer association for human rights said Sunday that there is an increase in miscarriage rates and in the number of babies born with birth defects and cancer due to the Israeli use of weapons containing radioactive and toxic materials during its latest war on the Gaza Strip.

In a report, the association affirmed that the health and environmental conditions in Gaza is getting worse day after days as a result of the use of internationally-banned weapons during the three-week war.

It warned that the use of chemical weapons in the densely-populated areas would cause a long-lasting tragedy and plague the future of coming generations, adding the health of one and a half million Palestinians in the Strip is still threatened because of the contamination of water, soil and air.

The report noted that during August, September and October 2008 there were 27 babies born with birth defects compared to 47 cases in 2009. These three months were compared with the same three months in 2009, which shows an increase in birth defects in aborted fetuses and newborns.  

The report added that these cases were concentrated in Jabaliya, Beit Lahia, and Beit Hanoun as these areas witnessed the fiercest Israeli military aggression.

The association appealed to the international community to immediately act and pressure Israel to stop its violations against the Palestinian civilians and environment in Gaza and allow experts and delegations into post-war Gaza to examine the environmental and health situation.

The association stressed that experts should be sent to Gaza to examine the environmental fallout of Israel's use of illegal weapons in order to protect the future generations from the coming unknown health and environmental disasters.