Blogger Expelled Because Of Writings On His Blog ... and Disclosing Corruption At Workplace
Blogger Expelled Because Of Writings On His Blog ... and Disclosing Corruption At Workplace
Wednesday, December 23,2009 09:08

 The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, said today that the Egyptian government is still pursuing young bloggers who are using their right to express and criticize. Kareem Reda , owner of the blog "Sarrkha" (A Cry) ;, was expelled from a public company because of his writings on his blog criticizing local social and political situations. Kareem also revealed many corruption incidents at his workplace by posting them on a FaceBook group carrying the name of the company ,Petrotrade, a public company for commercial oil services. 

Being on a fixed-term contract, Kareem received an evacuation notice after a two-year working period at Petrotrade in the position of administrative affairs researcher. 

Kareem had created a FaceBook group , “ EzbetPetrotrade”, (ezbet:estate) aiming for networking and socializing with workmates all over Egypt via internet. Socializing developed into creating formal unions and leagues and spreading the awareness of employees of their rights through posting company regulations and governing laws on the group. This lead to calls for a having a union committee at Petrotrade to stand for employees’ rights and interests. Moreover, Kareem bitterly criticized Petrotrade board performance on FaceBook. 

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information requested the Egyptian government to stop persecution of bloggers and to respect their right to criticize. ANHRI refused all career threatening measures taken by the government against bloggers,
pointing that this was the latest government trend in silencing bloggers starting with arrest, abduction, torture , travel banning and seizing their personal computers.