PLC to hold emergency session on Egypt’s steel wall in Gaza today
PLC to hold emergency session on Egypt’s steel wall in Gaza today
Thursday, December 24,2009 13:18

 GAZA, -- The Palestinian legislative council (PLC) is expected to hold Wednesday an emergency session in Gaza city to discuss the serious implications of the steel wall being built on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders.

Dr. Ahmed Bahar, the first deputy speaker of the PLC, invited all Palestinian lawmakers to attend this session to discuss extensively the development and the catastrophic risks of building the steel wall and to take decisions in this regard.

The issue of this wall will be the only topic on the agenda of this emergency meeting to be held in Rashad Shawa cultural center in Gaza city.

For its part, the Islamic action front party in Jordan on Tuesday condemned the Egyptian steel wall as a big crime, considering the inhumane siege on Gaza a shame on the international community.

Director of the Arab and Islamic affairs in the party Mohamed Al-Bazoor said that Egypt was expected to break the siege on Gaza people and open its crossings and not to build a metal wall to block the arrival of food, medicines and basic supplies into Gaza.

Bazoor stressed that the passive attitude of the international community toward the blockade imposed on more than one and a half million humans in the largest prison in the world is a historical precedent.

The Jordanian party official underlined that Gaza did not and would not threaten the Egyptian security, but on the contrary, its people are considered the first defense line of Egypt and the Arab nation against the expansionist Israeli occupation, which had previously occupied Egyptian lands and still poses as a strategic threat to it and the whole Arab world.

“It would be fair if Egypt called a spade a spade and did not invent imaginary enemies and ignore the real ones,” the party official highlighted.