Al-Husseini: “Egypt’s cement is given to Israeli's, while its gas is banned from the Gazans
Al-Husseini: “Egypt’s cement is given to Israeli's, while its gas is banned from the Gazans
Thursday, December 24,2009 17:27

MP Saad Al-Husseini, of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent statement to the Prime Minister and Ministers of Commerce and  Industry , on the news published in Israeli newspapers regarding the  large quantities of Egyptian gas provided to companies which export cement to the  Israeli occupational settlements.


 "We appreciate the efforts made to facilitate the travelling for Palestinian pilgrims through the Rafah crossing to and from Saudi Arabia in response to the request made by the people in the Arab and Muslim world; and this gives us hope to call for your sympathy with our unfortunate brothers in the Gaza Strip who are suffering a siege which is contrary to the most basic human rights. We call for the opening of the Rafah crossing and for the breaking of the siege".


"We object to the transactions made with companies which export cement for the building of Israeli settlements which are established on occupied Palestinian territories, and this occupation is rejected by all countries in the East and the West," he added.


Al-Husseini explained that the Israeli newspaper "Kalcalist" printed on November 2, 2009 that the Egyptian company MIG, owned by the Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem and Israeli businessman Yossi Melman, has pumped tentative quantities of Egyptian gas to the Israeli "Nesher" factory in Ramallah which provides Israeli settlements with building materials, these quantities will increase in the future to meet all the needs of the Israeli factory. Husseini continued "This is done at a time when Gazans are denied gas. It seems that genocide is committed with our blessings while protests are taking place in Britain. Furthermore cement is sold at different prices while Gazans are paying high prices for smuggled cement to re-construct damaged house and buildings made during the Israeli attacks Israeli's are paying next to nothing to establish housings and settlements on Palestinian occupied soil. Truly there is a tilting of  the scales here".